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In addition to comprehensive eye care services such as examinations and writing prescriptions, Shelburne Primary EyeCare is also home to our Vision Therapy Centre. We are pleased to help patients of all ages and need levels strengthen their visual system and improve their overall vision. Read more about our vision therapy services.

Vision & Eyesight: Where Is the Disconnect?

Undiagnosed vision problems are incredibly common. Many patients never consider that they might have a vision problem because they’ve been told that their eyesight is fine. It may seem confusing, but vision and eyesight are not the same thing.

Eyesight refers to the information your eyes gather. Vision, on the other hand, refers to the way your brain receives and interprets information from your eyes.

Vision problems can often go undiagnosed because eye exams sometimes test eyesight without testing vision. Shelburne Primary EyeCare offers comprehensive eye exams that cover a wide range of areas, including eyesight and vision. Read more about our comprehensive eye exams.

How Does Vision Therapy Work?

Similar to physiotherapy for joints and muscles, vision therapy uses exercises, games, appliances, and other treatments to re-train the visual system. The idea is to teach your eyes, eye muscles, and brain to work together in the most effective way possible.

The more effectively the visual system operates, the more it can have a positive impact of a wide range of skills including reading, retaining information, hand-eye coordination, depth perception, and much more.

Who Benefits From Vision Therapy?

Vision therapy can be beneficial for patients of all ages, from children to adults. We most often provide vision therapy to three types of patients: athletes, people recovering from traumatic brain injuries or stroke, and children with learning difficulties.

Vision therapy can be a valuable tool to improve reaction times, hand-eye coordination, and overall accuracy. Teams from the MLB, NHL, and NFL have relied on vision therapy as a part of their regular training regimen.

Vision therapy can help regain some of the visual skills they may have lost due to brain damage. In cases like these, vision therapy treatments take on a rehabilitative quality to rebuild and strengthen the affected neuropathways.

Vision therapy can be key to helping them keep up with their classmates. Classroom problems may appear to be cognitive or behavioural, but they can often be attributed to undiagnosed vision issues.

A Holistic Approach to EyeCare

Eye Health exams and quality eyewear are at the core of everything Shelburne Primary EyeCare does. We provide preventative eye exams and vision care for you and your entire family.

Since 1986, we have been working to make eyecare more comfortable and approachable for the people of Shelburne and surrounding area. Our practice is centred around a more holistic attitude: putting you and the health of your eyes first.

Simply put, we are fully licensed and experienced optometrists and opticians whose goal is to understand your needs and take care of you.

Food for Thought: Good Eye Health Starts With Good Nutrition

We believe prevention is always better than intervention. Shelburne Primary EyeCare is passionate about using good nutrition to maintain healthy eyes and minds. We work to educate all our patients about the positive effect of good nutrition.

By teaching good habits for eye health, we’re empowering our patients to thrive and possibly avoid future eye problems. At Shelburne Primary EyeCare, we promise to be proactive about the health of your eyes.

Shelburne’s Exceptionally Thorough EyeCare

Many eye diseases are asymptomatic. That’s why we go above and beyond to catch eye health issues before they impact your vision. In fact, our patients frequently tell us that our Eye Exams are the most thorough they’ve ever received.

Using Technology to Serve You Better

Because thorough diagnostics are such a priority for us, we have invested heavily in cutting edge technology to give us a better look at your eyes. We offer retinal imaging to all our patients; using our Optomap and Digital Retinal Camera to give us a clear and comprehensive look at the health and functionality of your retina. By staying on top of the latest technological advancements, we can better ensure good and consistent eye health.

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