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Are Contacts the Right Choice For You? We Can Help You Decide!

3 out of 10 Canadians wear contact lenses. While some people prefer the look and feel of glasses, others enjoy the freedom that comes from correcting refractive errors with a lens right on the surface of the eye.

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Many patients believe they cannot wear contacts due to the shape of their eyes (or at least, that’s what they’ve been told). But the truth is, you may just have difficult to fit eyes. We offer contact lens exams and fittings, enabling patients with hard to fit eyes to find contacts that are effective and comfortable to wear. Contact us (pun intended) today to schedule your contact lens exam.

Contact lenses are a medical device. They require a special prescription, different from a glasses prescription, and need to be fitted by a licensed eyecare professional. For optimal health, a corneal health and contact lens evaluation should be performed at every eye exam.

Speciality Contact Lenses

Contact lens technology is changing all the time, and as a result, there are now a number of contact lenses with added features to benefit the wearer. These are called speciality contact lenses. Here are only a few of the speciality contacts we offer.

Astigmatism is a refractive error caused by irregularly shaped corneas. The refractive error usually only affects a specific part of the field of vision. Toric lenses correct this by offering specific levels of magnification in specific parts of the lens.

Some people find contact lenses uncomfortable due to the shape of their eyes. This often results in the lens slipping every time the patient blinks. Scleral lenses not only cover the cornea but the sclera (the white part of the eye) as well. This gives added comfort and stability, keeping the lens from slipping or shifting.

Most of us develop presbyopia (problems with focusing at near) as we age. For people who already have myopia (nearsightedness) or hyperopia (farsightedness), this can get complicated, as they now require two different levels of magnification to see clearly in two different fields of vision. This problem can be solved with multifocal lenses. Much like bifocal glasses, multifocal lenses offer different levels of magnification in different areas of the lens to give clear vision at all distances.

The Benefits of Contact Lenses

Contact lenses offer a wealth of beneficial features and outcomes. While you may like the look of your glasses, there are some advantages that are exclusive to contact lenses. Here are some of the reasons you should consider switching to contacts, or adding contacts to your eyewear regimen as an additional option:

  • Patients have better peripheral vision with contacts as opposed to glasses
  • Contacts do not obstruct the view of or leave marks on the face
  • Lenses are less expensive than surgery
  • There are a number of speciality contacts available for added functionality (for example tinted lenses for UV protection or Toric lenses for astigmatism)
  • Contact lenses do not need to be cleaned during wear

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