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Dry Eye Treatment

Dealing With Dry Eye

In a lot of ways, our brains just function automatically. We trust our hearts to continue beating. We inhale and don’t have to remind ourselves to exhale. We create tears to lubricate our eyes without even thinking about it. But what happens when one of these automatic functions seems to stop being automatic?

What is Dry Eye

Your eye needs to stay moist and lubricated to function properly. For this reason, our bodies create tears. However, sometimes the body doesn’t produce enough tears or doesn’t produce tears of sufficient quality. When this happens, we experience chronic discomfort, which can be severe enough to cause corneal abrasions and even scarring. This chronic discomfort is called dry eye.

Quality Over Quantity

Sometimes the body creates enough tears, but dry eye persists. In these cases, the body is not infusing the tears with the appropriate oils. Without these oils, the tears evaporate too quickly from the surface of the eye, leaving it feeling dry and gritty.

Treating Dry Eye

There are a number of treatments available to relieve your symptoms and generally make life more enjoyable. We’ll be happy to walk you through all of them and help you find which one is best for you.

Did you know the right foods can help relieve or prevent dry eye? Omega-3 fatty acids, for example, may help your eyes produce more or better quality tears. You can find omega-3’s in cold water fish like salmon, or in walnuts.

Artificial tears are over the counter eye drops designed to simulate the tears your body makes naturally. While these drops will not solve the underlying problem causing your dry eye, they will bring some relief to your symptoms.

These prescription drops will relieve your dry eye symptoms, while also stimulating your body’s natural tear production. As such, they provide more of a long-term solution than artificial tears.

Management of eyelid inflammation is essential in the treatment of dry eye. Daily eyelid hygiene is the central focus. At Shelburne Primary EyeCare we will determine a complete treatment regimen to manage your dry eyes.

Lacrisert comes in the form of tiny, solid pellets. These pellets are designed to be inserted under the bottom eyelid once or twice a day, where they will slowly dissolve. As they dissolve, they will create a lubricant to relieve your dry eye symptoms. In addition to providing relief, Lacrisert stimulates your body’s natural tear production. Most patients find these pellets small enough that they cannot be felt after insertion.

Symptoms of Dry Eye

Aside from general dryness, dry eye presents a number of distracting, uncomfortable symptoms. Often patients experience a short-lived excess of tears or a sticky, stringy discharge from the eye. It’s not uncommon to feel a stinging or burning sensation, along with the feeling of having a foreign object in the eye. Some people find they have trouble focusing or that their eyelids feel too heavy to remain open.

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