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Did you know that most eye emergencies are completely preventable? A little splash of chemical, a stray metal shaving, or even an encounter with a hockey stick could spell disaster for your eyes. But you can’t quit your job because you might injure your eyes. And you’re not likely to stop playing the sports you love, are you?

Shelburne Primary EyeCare offers a wide range of speciality eyewear to keep you safe and focused in any environment. It’s just one more way we put you and the health of your eyes first.

Covering Your Eyes is Not the Same as Protecting Them

You may feel that since you wear prescription glasses, your eyes are safe from harm. This simply isn’t true. Your glasses were designed to correct your vision and communicate your personal style to the world.

Normal spectacles are made to empower your eyes, not protect them. In fact, sudden impact while wearing glasses could cause further harm to your eyes, shattering the lenses and twisting the frames.

Safety Eyewear That’s Built to Survive

All the safety eyewear we carry was designed and tested to withstand significant force and hostile conditions. Safety glasses and goggles go through drop tests, crush tests, velocity tests, chemical tests, and more, all to ensure the safety of your eyes.

You don’t even have to choose safety over eyesight; we can outfit your speciality eyewear with special safety prescription lenses, allowing you to see clearly while still protecting your eyes. But don’t worry, these prescription lenses won’t weaken your eyewear. In fact, studies show that prescription safety lenses are actually stronger and sturdier than the standard, regular vision safety lenses. After all, part of being safe is being able to clearly see what’s coming your way.

When You Gear Up for the Game, Don’t Forget to Protect Your Eyes

Part of the appeal of sports is pushing yourself to the limit; making your body work harder than it ever has to achieve things you didn’t believe were possible. We know that this often puts our bodies at risk, which is why we equip ourselves with things like helmets, proper footwear, and knee or elbow pads. But the reality is, even with all this safety equipment, we seldom protect our eyes.

Sports eyewear offers the protection your normal spectacles or sunglasses can’t while giving you stable, consistent coverage so you can focus on your performance. This special kind of eyewear is specifically designed to keep up with you, and even give you a cool, sleek aesthetic. So no matter how you play, you’ll look like a pro.

Tinted Lenses Improve Your Performance

Want to up your game? Ask about our tinted lenses. The special lens coatings can make the most of bad lighting, reduce glare, or improve your focus. Come visit our frame and lens gallery, and ask us which speciality eyewear options might work best for you.

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